Justin Famularo Design



Industrial Design

In 1927 Volvo was founded. The brand was and has been represented by the icon of Mars. This icon stands for strength, and at that particular time, strength in steel. Out of this strength came cars built with quality and function. As the brand progressed, its great competency of safety came to light. Volvo made many industry firsts, ranging from the first 3 point safety harness to the first pregnant test dummy. Today many families, young and old a like recognize Volvo for its safety and their customer base shows this. The car market today is much more competitive and safety features that were once solely Volvo have become safety standards across all car brands. Volvo has also begun to stray away from this value by advertising that “Naughty Volvo’s are coming.”
Strollers are a purchase many new families make. The market is inundated with many metal and plastic behemoths that are difficult to understand and operate. Many parents are also often required to buy more than one stroller as the child grows. Through focusing on Volvo’s core values of Safety, Quality, and Function, a stroller was developed to provide parental piece of mind, a long lasting heirloom product, and dynamic ability to change to fit the needs of its passenger. The stroller will assist Volvo’s product portfolio in representing its unwavering attention to safety and further signifying its “For Life” slogan.