Justin Famularo Design



Exhibition Design

Completed in partnership with Alejandra Castelao and Iou Cho Chen

LUM, or ‘Light Up Museum’, is the museum experience redefined. The modern museum is static, limited to location, and at the same time limited to space. Thinking in the concept realm of the traveling circus and providing a digital visually immersive environment, LUM changes the dynamic.
The final concept is two facetted tensile structures that create a tunnel and space for the museum. The space surrounded by the structure provides seating, concession stands, and ticket counters. Floating above are elements resembling the structure that, in the evenings, illuminate to show artwork. Within the structure projection mapped walls show the artwork, or more specifically graffiti, the history, renowned artists, and local artists. Projectors will display works throughout both sections of the museum providing stills and animations, but most of all light for the interior. Due to format LUM can be more dynamic by showing any image.
Geometric balloons will also be placed around destination areas. The destination areas will be predetermined locations and will travel in a seasonal pattern due to the open-air nature of the concept. Traveling from the northeastern United States in warmer months and southern states and Latin America in the winter. Where will it travel next?